Wechat, the First Step to Break into Chinese Domain Market

By | August 4, 2016

It is known to all of us that one notable thing happened in 2015 is that the buying shifted to China.

Groups of domainers are talking about Chinese market. Thousands of conjectures emerged of where Chinese domain market is going. Articles written by investors one another trying to figure out what are premium domain names to Chinese domainers.

We are taking in the knowledge what other people already know. However, we still are not able to connect Chinese Domainers in real ways.

What we all need urgently is a practical and useful approach, to break into Chinese Domain Market. Though QQ is known as a necessary way to Chinese Domainers, fewer domainers are familiar with Wechat!

Wechat, a free messaging and calling app, is the most popular app in China with over 350 million Chinese users and 70 million overseas users.

Wechat, is what we are looking for!

How to install Wechat?

1. Search “wechat” in your app store;

2. Open wechat.com on mobile browser and download;

3. Scan QR Code via mobile phone.

How to use Wechat in Domain Investing?

1. Connect and chat with Chinese domainer.

Wechat is used most frequently. So when you want to get connected with a Chinese domainer, it is the most effective approach.

2. Read domain investing concerned articles in wechat subscriptions.

There is numerous reading resources including domain investing can be easily got through various wechat subscriptions. Though most of them do not have English version articles. “DNclass” is one you can find English articles about domain investing.

3. Join in market discussion groups

All Chinese Investors have joint into many market discussion groups, where they talk about market, get informed of domain name’s sale news, and buy or sell domains directly. If you installed wechat and want to join in these groups, please contact us through our wechat subscription “DNclass” and tell us your account ID. Or you can add our colleague: DNstarlet.

4. Pay attention to Moments which investors post

Valuable information, such as what domain names are on auction, which investor is selling a premium domain name, will be often posted on their Moments. As the same, if you want to add friends with Chinese investors, please contact us through our wechat subscription “DNclass” and tell us your account ID. We will try to contact you and help.

Here DN.com has shared with you the most important tool in entering into Chinese market. Once you get acquired of how to make good use of wechat in domain investing, you have opened a brand new door to seize the opportunity! For more information and questions, please feel free to contact us. For more articles, please follow us on wechat subscription: DNclass.


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