Uniregistry’s Emotional Support Is Brilliant!

By | August 8, 2016

Just now when I was checking the Uniregistry APP on my iphone, I accidentally discover a new support offered by Uniregistry called Emotional Support! Man, I’ve got to say that this is BRILLIANT!

The first one I got was through the Chinese version, I will post the fill screenshot so you get a clear view. Then I got a few more on English version APP. I just love every one of them.


webwxgetmsgimg (3)

webwxgetmsgimg (5)webwxgetmsgimg (6)

webwxgetmsgimg (7)

Frank always surprises us, this is a really good move! Next time when I got a mental crush down, I know whom to turn to. Tell me which one you like the most.


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