Domainer Xu Jiqing Just Sold 100 4L.COMs In A Bulk

By | August 12, 2016

Yesterday, I was told that domainer Xu Jiqing just sold 100 CHIPs in a bulk! The current price of CHIPs is quite stable recently. Below is a screenshot of CHIPs price curve over the last 10 days, the current price is at ¥8,800 CNY. If each domain name in the bulk was sold over ¥8,000 CNY, then the total price is more than ¥800,000 CNY, approximately $120,000 USD.

QQ截图20160812101014Speaking about domainer Xu Jiqing,  he is a friend of mine, very nice, warm-hearted and easy to get along with. He recently sold 25k CHIPs to domainer Lu Xiaoshun, resulting in a deal in the 8-figure range. Though Xu has only been domaining for a year or two, he is now the most followed domainer. Xu has been very active in the CHIPs market, both buying and selling. I haven’t figured out his investing theology yet. According to his Wechat posts, he is just flipping the names, that’s quite a typical domainer, right?


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