The Man Behind eName —— Dejing Kong

By | August 15, 2016

eName has officially gone public today! The Stock code is 838413. Today, we are going to tell you more about the man behind eName, Dejing Kong. Many of you may have never heard of him, as he is not managing eName’s business personally, but hired a CEO to manage it for him.webwxgetmsgimg (1)

Dejing Kong, born in Fujian province, China, is called “WanZi” in Chinese domaining industry.

He used to be a typical problematic student back in junior high school, making his parents and himself dishonored. Then the problematic student was enlightened and he wanted to prove himself. In senior high school, when teachers were teaching students practice typing, he was already a computer expert. He made money by helping training people NCRE and doing software development for supermarkets. Being so upset of not learning anything at class, he indulged himself in the world of programming. After graduated from university, he experienced starting a project and saw it fail, twice. Nevertheless, Internet and computer has always been his top obsession.

In 2003, 26-years-old, just resigned his job as a technical staff in a service provider company in Shenzhen, he saw the value of domain investing! At the end of 2003, he found that was expired, so he registered it with ¥120 CNY without a second thought. Only one day after, someone got in touch with him and offered ¥10,000 CNY. He realized the great magic potential in domain investing by then.

In 2005, he founded eName, determined to make it a different domain registrar. Besides domain business, eName also provide trademark-related services. Up till now, 11 years after the foundation, eName has become one of the biggest registrars in China and it is developing fast. It had a revenue of ¥260 million CNY and net profit of ¥27.9 million CNY in the year 2015, and a revenue of ¥167.5 million CNY and net profit of ¥11.9 million CNY in the year 2014.

His motto is “Focus and prove yourself.”



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