Mike Cai, the “Domain King” in China.

By | August 16, 2016

Mike Cai, his Chinese name is Cai Wensheng and his nick name is Pizi. He was born in Fujiang province, China.


Mike Cai, same with 58.com CEO Michael Yao, built his fortune by domain investing. He is called “Domain King” in China for his great achievements. And now he is also known as one the most famous angel investors in China. From the year 2007, he has been investing more than 19 companies. Now he is also the CEO of Meitu Networks Technology Co., Ltd.

Mike Cai began his domaining career in the year 1999. From 2001 to 2003, he registered over 5000 expired domain names and sold 1000 of them to buyers all over the world. In the year 2003, he founded site navigation website 265.com, which was acquired by Google four years later. In China Internet webmaster Conferences, he was honored as the godfather of Chinese webmasters from 2005 to 2007, three years in a row.

He sold so many premium domains with undervalued prices. It is said that if he did not sell those domains years ago, his wealth could even compete with the country! For example, he sold QiYi.com, TuDou.com, and BaoFeng.com, which are all famous video websites in China now. He also owned QiChe.com(QiChe: car). Qiche.com was rumored to be sold at ¥15million CNY. While the truth is he just gave it away for free! He also owned ZuChe.com(ZuChe: car rental), which owned by China Auto Rental Inc. He sold at only ¥18,000 CNY for the name YinLian.com, whose value is at least ¥5 million CNY. The number of domains similar to the examples above he sold is over 200!



12 thoughts on “Mike Cai, the “Domain King” in China.

  1. Jeff Schneider


    We find it amusing, that Rick Schwartz (The Original Domain King) , has created more Digital Asset Millionaires, with his .COM Profit center Concept, than China’s Domain king who just followed Rick Schwartz’s Lead. Two Creative Visionaries, Investing in New TLDs? No they chose the Really Smart Moneys Choice (.COM Profit Center Assets) We think their Lead will be followed more and more over the next five years, creating ever higher .COM Profit Center Valuations. If you are wise you won’t bet against their Trend. JAS 8/16/16

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  2. Blowgoats

    BS. The real Domain King is Rick Schwartz. This China man is an impostor. Rick Schwartz should sue!!!

    1. Eva

      I don’t think it’s right to judge others, Cai inspired most of Chinese investors when he sold g.cn to Google and a lot other deals. Besides, he is not trying to imitate Rick, people call him the “domain king” in China to show him respect. He is now more active as an angel investor, one of the companies he invested in now worth more than 4 billion USD and he invested much more than one. So I would definitely respect him.

  3. Francois

    Mike, contact me to purchase domaining.com and show to all these unrespectful people who is the Domaining King!

    1. Jeff Schneider

      Hello Francois,
      Of course you are right Rick Schwartz is the ONLY DOMAIN KING and he knows :

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  4. John

    We have among others zudeche.com zulinqiche.com and chezujin.com It looks like we’re in good company. This was a very informative article about a very interesting person. Thank you.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    ( .COM Equimoddities ) are the most Powerful form of Perpetual Advertising any Online End-User can Control. JAS 9/2/16 —

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