XR.com was Sold for Big Seven Figure CNY Fee! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 8-30-2016

By | August 30, 2016


XR.com was sold by domainer Huoxing for big seven figure CNY fee. The buyer is not disclosed. The seller Huoxing is a famous domainer in China. He has traded many premuin domains, such as 73.com, 63.com, 938.com, kq.com, kq.cn and pk.cn. He sold 2222.com for mid seven figure CNY fee. He said he now mainly invests on short letter domains, like LL.com, LLL.com, LLLL.com and  domains in 51u.com type.

Double pinyin domain xuefang.com (xuefang means Chiffon in English) was sold for $10,660 USD.

Triple pinyin domain baifumei.com (BaiFuMei refers to socialites and beauties) was sold for $9,550 USD.

958.cn was sold for six figure CNY fee.

316.com and 826.com were sold in bulk. It is said the total price is middle seven figure CNY fee.

7269.com was sold for $200,000 in auction through jinpai.com.


Online rebate platform “eDayDay(易天天)” has just raised ¥6 million CNY new series of fund. The website domain is eDayDay.com.

WYpay.com once was sold for five figure CNY fee. Now it has been built into website.

bzcj.com was sold for ¥20,000 CNY according to statistics from wanmi.cc. Now it has been built into online financial and economic education platform. cj is short for CaiJing, meaning finance and economic in Chinese.

According to Chaomi.cc, on 29th Aug., the total volume was 10,745 domains, and the total turnover was ¥664,547 CNY (near $100k USD). The market price of LLLL.com chips is ¥8,422 CNY.


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