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GoDaddy Just Sold Another Two Domains | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-30-2016

DOMAIN SALES Another double pinyin domain of (means “just now” “Steel” in Chinese) was sold for a ¥700,000 CNY price (approximately $104,700 USD) in an auction. was sold for a seven-figure price sixteen days ago, double pinyin domains are still very popular in China. was acquired by Chinese domainer Gediao. Chinese domainers… Read More »

Eight Domains Were Acquired By Maizi | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-29-2016

DOMAIN SALES Chinese domainer Maizi bought eight domains in a week. The domains are,,,,,,, According to transaction history, Maizi also bought,,, and back in August. was acquired by Chinese domainer Mr. Wang, is not only a domain, it’s… Read More »

Chinese Investor Bought Tens of | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-28-2016

DOMAIN SALES Chinese domain investor Mimayi bought tens of domains (without 0 4) yesterday, the total price was high six-figure CNY. Mimayi just bought (means “Beauty”) with a seven-figure price in August, and bought last week. According to whois records, he also owns a lot of and domains. was sold… Read More » Was Sold For Seven Figure CNY | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-26-2016

DOMAIN SALES According to, a Chinese who lives in Thailand built a Chinese forum in 2008. Recently, they changed the main domain name from to (means “Thailand” in Chinese). They acquired with a six-figure CNY price in 2014. According to the whois information,, England) are owned by Chinese domain investors. (means… Read More » Was Sold For $457K USD! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-23-16

DOMAIN SALES Wechat announced yesterday that their new function named “XiaoChengXu”(small programs) is under closed beta testing period. Within one day, triple pinyin domain was sold for ¥116,000 CNY (approximately $17k USD). The seller’s cost on buying this domain was under ¥400 CNY (approximately $60 USD). The buyer spent 7 years on waiting for… Read More »

The Seller Makes Over 3000% profits over! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-22-16

DOMAIN SALES changed hands for a seven figure CNY price. The buyer is ZHEJIANG XJD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, which sells baby carriages and mother & baby products. The seller only spent ¥60,000 on three or four years ago and now makes over 3000% profits over this domain. Many domainers interpret xjd as XiaoJingDong, meaning small… Read More » Changed Hands for A Seven Figure CNY Price At Least! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-20-2016

DOMAIN SALES changed hands with the exact price unrevealed. The seller Zhan Baosheng acquired this domain for a price of seven figure CNY(at least $150k USD) in this April. was acquired by a Chinese domainer Jianghu. The price is over ¥1 million CNY (over $150K USD). was sold for ¥18,000 CNY(approximately $2.7K USD).… Read More »