No Other Internet Virtual Assets have So Many Functions Like Domain Names!

By | September 14, 2016

Recently, I realized one thing, that is, no other Internet virtual assets have so many functions like Domain Names! What are exactly those functions I’m referring to?


1. The Essential Entry to Internet of A Company/Brand 
Be the essential entry to Internet is the most basic function of a Domain name. And this is the most important function that makes a premium domain name valuable. Except for this practical function, there are more other brand new or advanced functions. And I find some of these functions quite interesting.

2. Free/Upgraded Advertisement
Owning a premium domain name is equivalent to long-lasting advertisement, not only for a company, but also for an individual. For example, when Tesla upgraded their domain name from to, numerous domain social media platforms wrote headlines for them, which is equivalent to free brand advertisements. Moreover, a premium domain can be the most notable label of a person. We sometimes introduce a veteran by addressing him “the owner of” for instance. This function can be regarded as an additional function of the first one.

3. Politic Use/Weapon
Domain names have increasingly becoming a weapon when political in the mudslinging battlefield. For example,, sold for $15,000, forwarded to a page on Donald Trump’s website, entitled “Disqualify Hillary Clinton”. Every campaign manager will have to make a decision whether or not to pay up to protect a candidate name in .SUCKS or other new gTLDs similar to it.

4. Gift
There are many cases in which domainers give away premium domains to others for gifts. Mike Cai, gave car) away for free. Another Chinese Domainer Xi Lin acquired the domain (521 sounds like “I love you” in Chinese) as a gift to his unborn daughter. Sicong Wang is the son of China’s wealthiest person Jianlin Wang, chairman of Wanda Group. He said last year that brand domain was given by Xianming Xu for nothing! Days ago, one Chinese Domainer bought triple pinyin DeYun Club, well-known Chinese Traditional Cross-Talk group),and plans to give out as a gift.

5. For Collection
Some investors keep some premium domains for collection. This is a common function. Some hold domains planning on future projects. Some hold name domains of their favorite idols. Others hold domains for the simplest reason that they like the domain. Domainer Suncn bought only for collection. (sunyat sen was the first president and founding father of the Republic of China)

6. Exchange
We wouldn’t believe it decades ago that domains can be used to exchange for company shares, for houses and something else. Uber offers 2% shares for the domain name Chinese domainer Yao Zhang spent 400 six-number .com domains for a house. And domainer Jun Liu posted in his wechat group saying “I want to exchange for iphone7. Anyone interests in this domain? Drop an offer!”

What do you think? Are there any other functions I missed above? english

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4 thoughts on “No Other Internet Virtual Assets have So Many Functions Like Domain Names!

  1. Eric Lyon

    This is some great insight on the liquidity of domain assets. I know a guy that trades domains for all sorts of things. I once witnessed him trade a domain to the waiter at the restaurant we were eating at in return for the bill to be paid by them. It was a hand registered .com that he got using a $3.99 coupon. Our food bill (That the waiter paid for the domain) was $45+


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