Father.com Changed Hands for A Seven Figure CNY Price At Least! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-20-2016

By | September 20, 2016


Father.com changed hands with the exact price unrevealed. The seller Zhan Baosheng acquired this domain for a price of seven figure CNY(at least $150k USD) in this April.

zjy.com was acquired by a Chinese domainer Jianghu. The price is over ¥1 million CNY (over $150K USD).

mrzh.com was sold for ¥18,000 CNY(approximately $2.7K USD).

Domainer Chen Zhen acquired a double pinyin domain jianlou.wang for a five figure CNY price(around $1.5k USD). Jianlou means get domains under market price.

Bike.cc was sold for a mid-five figure CNY price(around $7.5k USD).

It is said that tiexue.net/tiexue.com, known as the biggest Chinese military website, has acquired domain name junpin.com for its e-commerce website for a price of ¥ 3 million CNY(approximately $450K USD). The authenticity of this news is to be verified.

It is reported that the founder of shenduan.com acquired  the  joke website kaixinmahua and its domain name mahua.com for ¥ 12 million CNY(approximately $1.8 million USD).


The 2nd annual Domainfest Asia conference opened yesterday at Hongkong. The event continues from 19th Sep. to 22nd Sep.. The opening day highlights included a live video domain auction conducted by Qiao Yuanyuan, Co-Founder of Jinpai Auction. Online and offline auction events hosted by Qiao have generated over ¥1 billion in sales. In yesterday’ auction, five domains were sold for over $150K USD. WQ.com was auctioned for ¥5,450,000 CNY(approximately $817K USD). 5.cc was auctioned for ¥4,100,000 CNY(approximately $615K USD). 273.com was auctioned for ¥2,100,000 CNY(approximately $315K USD). Double pinyin domain yaopin.com (medicine) was auctioned for ¥2,100,000 CNY(approximately $300K USD). PK.cn was auctioned for ¥1,250,000 CNY(approximately $187K USD).

.shop registry has announced that .shop will quit Chinese market for it had failed to pass MIIT’s approval.



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