195.com Was Sold For $457K USD! | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-23-16

By | September 23, 2016


Wechat announced yesterday that their new function named “XiaoChengXu”(small programs) is under closed beta testing period. Within one day, triple pinyin domain xiaochengxu.com was sold for ¥116,000 CNY (approximately $17k USD). The seller’s cost on buying this domain was under ¥400 CNY (approximately $60 USD). The buyer spent 7 years on waiting for the right buyer and he made it. Congrats!

Two NNN.com domains were reported sold yesterday. 195.com was sold for ¥3,050,000 (approximately $457K USD). 191.com was also sold for several millions CNY price.

Zmw.com was sold for a mid-six figure CNY price.

Szw.com, just sold for a mid-six figure CNY price days ago, was acquired by CEO of 190.com, Daniel.

Double pinyin domain saohuo.com was sold for a high-six figure CNY price.


Single pinyin domain, Na.cn (na: take, get) was built into an e-commerce platform named “Take Coupons”.

ZeroTech, the world’s leading intelligent aircraft products and smart UAV solutions supplier, announced ¥150 million CNY (more than $22 million USD) new round funding. Their official website domain is zerotech.com.

An e-commerce group purchase platform for countryside named “WoShiNongMing (I am a farmer)”announced that they have raised ¥50 million CNY (approximately $7.5 million USD) serious A round funding. Their website domain is 54NM.com. 54 sounds similar to “I am”.



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