Was Sold For Six Figure CNY | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-27-2016

By | September 27, 2016


According to, a gaming domain name of (means “game” “games”) in Chinese was sold for ¥610,000 CNY (approximately $91,280 USD) in an auction yesterday. According to domain name sales record, was sold for $2.43M in 2014. The price shocked a lot of investors at that time, but the value of premium domains never fade. (means “enjoy a happy life” in Chinese) was sold for ¥11,500 CNY (approximately $17,200 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥245,000 CNY (approximately $36,600 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥195,000 CNY (approximately $29,000 USD) in an auction. was sold with a high six-figure CNY price.


Meituan-Dianping (, China’s largest group buying website, acquired a third-party payment startup, Qiandai (, means “money pocket” in Chinese). This means that Meituan-Dianping is able to run financial services ranging from mobile payment, bankcard payment to prepaid payment. Both Meituan-Dianping and are using Chinese Pinyin domain names, seems like Pinyin domains have proved its lasting benefits to end-users. Does this mean that number names’ price will decrease?

According to’s date, on Sep. 26th, the total sales volume was 17,284, and the total sales turnover was ¥1,348,715 CNY (approximately $201,800 USD).



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