Chinese Investor Bought Tens of | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-28-2016

By | September 28, 2016


Chinese domain investor Mimayi bought tens of domains (without 0 4) yesterday, the total price was high six-figure CNY. Mimayi just bought (means “Beauty”) with a seven-figure price in August, and bought last week. According to whois records, he also owns a lot of and domains. was sold for ¥240,000 CNY (approximately $35,900 USD) in an auction. was sold for a six-figure price. “Sz” is short for the city of Shenzhen. (means “Oil” “roommate” in Chinese) was sold for ¥102,000 CNY (approximately $15,200 USD) in an auction.



Gome Holdings Group ( uses the domain name of as Gome Cloud website (“Yun” means “Cloud”), they bought it with ¥43,000 CNY (approximately $6,430 USD) in June, 2016.

泰然城 uses domain name of built a website of shopping. (TRC is short for the company’s Chinese Pinyin name)

全民直播 (means everyone is living video in Chinese), a live video company, has announced that it has raised ¥5 billion CNY in series A round funding. The website is (means “everyone” in Chinese).

According to’s date, on Sep. 27th, the total sales volume was 18,784, and the total sales turnover was ¥1,022,003 CNY (approximately $152,900 USD).



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