4L Domains Accounted 52.61% Of Total Sales Turnover Yesterday | Chinese Market Daily Report on 10-19-2016

By | October 19, 2016


Byw.com was sold for a high six-figure CNY price. The buyer is Xu Jiqing, Xu runs a project called BaiYeWang, using the domain name baiyewang.com. “BYW” is short for “BaiYeWang”. Seller also owns about 100 three-letter domain names.

Kpw.com was sold for ¥369,000 CNY (approximately $64,600 USD) in an auction. The meaning of “W” is “net” in Chinese.

Flj.com was sold for ¥250,000 CNY (approximately $37,000 USD) in an auction.

Fcn.com was sold for ¥255,000 CNY (approximately $37,770 USD) in an auction.

Sb.net was sold for ¥289,000 CNY (approximately $42,790 USD) in an auction.

Lxb.com was sold for six-figure CNY price, buyer was a Chinese domainer.

Shunzi.com (means “straight number”, like “123” “2345”) was sold for a six-figure CNY price.

 82291.com was sold for ¥14,900 CNY (approximately $2,220 USD).

65225.com was sold for ¥15,600 CNY (approximately $2,300 USD).



空间家, a O2O company, has announced that they have raised ¥258 million CNY funding. Their domain is kongjianjia.com, it’s the pinyin of their Chinese brand name.

According to Chaomi.cc’s data, on Oct. 18th, the total sales volume was 37361, and the total sales turnover was ¥3,629,912 CNY (approximately $537,462 USD). However, the sale turnover of 4L (without a, v, o, i, u, e) was ¥1,909,679 CNY(approximately $ 282,756 USD), accounted 52.61% of total sales turnover.

Last ten days market of 4L domains:




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