Four domains changed hands | Chinese Market Daily Report on 11-17-2016

By | November 17, 2016


Chinese domainer Huoxing just sold two domains. Domains were and, but prices were not disclosed. However, according to auction records, was end with ¥405,000 CNY (approximately $58,866 USD) in an anction on October, 28th. was sold for a six-figure CNY price. changed hands just now, but the price was not revealed.

According to the former owner of, and words, he sold these three domain names to an end-user for ¥150,000 CNY (approximately $21,802 USD). All of these three domains’ whois information were updated on October, 25th. was sold for ¥28,000 CNY (pproximately $ 4,069 USD) . (means picnic in Chinese) was sold for ¥12,899 CNY (approximately $ 1,874 USD) in BIN sale. was sold for ¥59,500 CNY (approximately $8,648 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥41,200 CNY (pproximately $ 5,988 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥40,700 CNY (pproximately $ 5,915 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥17,000 CNY (pproximately $ 2,470 USD) in an auction .


According to’s data, on Nov. 16th, the total sales volume was 8867, and the total sales turnover was ¥3,194,252 CNY (approximately $464,280 USD).



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