KF.com Final Auction Price Was ¥6.1 Million CNY | Chinese Market Daily Report on 11-21-2016

By | November 21, 2016


Two-letter domain name KF.com was auctioned at 22.cn‘s live auction on Nov. 19th, the final price was ¥6.1 million CNY (approximately $882k USD). According to the whois information, the domain name has not been transferred yet.

Maizi just acquired five 3L.com domain names, they are RJW.com, JYC.com, TYN.com, HWZ.com and HYL.com. According to 3L.com domain’s market price, the total price should be over one million CNY price.

Chinese domainer Taotao sold his two-letter .cn domain name of SJ.cn for a seven-figure CNY price last Friday. The exact price was not disclosed. However, according to Taotao, he previously acquired this name for ¥1.2 million CNY, and he eventually made a good profit from SJ.cn. Congrats to Taotao.

Nxw.com was sold for ¥390,000 CNY (approximately $56,439 USD) in an auction.

3250.com was sold for ¥148,000 CNY (approximately $21,418 USD) in an auction.

2042.com was sold for ¥120,000 CNY (approximately $17,366 USD) in an auction.

72588.com was sold for ¥59,500 CNY (approximately $ 8,610 USD) in an auction.

Kpzz.com was sold for ¥15,999 CNY (approximately $ 2,315 USD).

Pm.com.cn was sold for a six-figure CNY price.


According to Chaomi.cc‘s data, from Nov. 18th to Nov. 20th, the total sales volume was 31392, and the total sales turnover was ¥11,482,578 CNY (approximately $1,661,733 USD).




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