Breaking: Was Just Acquired By A O2O Company | Chinese Market Daily Report on 11-24-2016

By | November 24, 2016


Two-letter domain name was acquired by an end-user yesterday, the price was ¥26 million CNY (approximately $3.75 million USD). What a great price! The buyer is an O2O wine company named WanJiaHuanGou in China, their website domain name was before they acquired, “HG” is short for “HuanGou”. WanJiaHuanGou is a business unit of FeiYue Group (, other BUs of Feiyue Group also use premium domain names, i.e.,, and was acquired by VE Interactive Ltd. VE Interactive is one of the largest data processors in the world. The price of was not disclosed, however, the former owner Aron Meystedt’s asking price was a high six-figure USD price. Not very sure if Aron did sell it in high six-figure price, but is definitely worthy of VE Interactive spending a seven-figure price . VE Interactive is also a cooperation partner of Hangzhou Duomai Ltd (Founder is John Xu).

Three number domain name was sold for ¥3,500,00 CNY (approximately $504k USD) yesterday. The seller is Chinese domainer Leizhu, he just bought it 23 days ago. Congrats to Leizhu. was auctioned at 190’s live auction, the final price was ¥315,000 CNY (approximately $45,454 USD). changed hands with undisclosed price yesterday. was sold for 42,000 CNY (approximately $6,060 USD) in an auction. was sold for 24,000 CNY (approximately $3,463USD) in an auction. was sold for 20,000 CNY (approximately $2,886USD) in an auction. was sold for 16,400 CNY (approximately $2,366 USD) in an auction. was sold for ¥15,400 CNY (approximately $2,222 USD) in an auction. was sold for 14,000 CNY (approximately $2,020 USD) in an auction.


According to‘s data, on Nov. 24th, the total sales volume was 7598, and the total sales turnover was ¥3,452,211 CNY (approximately $498,154USD).




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