XC.com Just Changed Hands | Chinese Market Daily Report on 12-26-2016

By | December 26, 2016


Two letter domain name of XC.com changed hands on last Friday, the price was not disclosed. However, it was for sale with a BIN price of ¥6,880,000 CNY (close to $1m USD) on last Thursday. And the transaction which was close to a seven-figure USD price was completed in just one day. According to whois, the current owner is He Xiaojiang, the CEO of west.cn. But not very sure he bought xc.com for their client or their own company.

2018.com was acquired by a Chinese domainer, the seller was Intergo.com Inc.. According to the buyer’s words, the price was a seven-figure CNY price.

Mty.com was auctioned for ¥388,000 CNY (approximately $55,747 USD).

Cwh.com was auctioned for ¥268,000 CNY (approximately $38,505 USD).

Jgy.com was sold for a six-figure CNY price, the buyer was an end-user.

DeYing.com was sold for ¥100,000 CNY (approximately $14,367 USD) in BIN sale at aliyun.com. It seems that the buyer is an end-user, it redirected to the website of dejia.com when we entered deying.com. Dejia.com is a furniture company’s website.


DN.com would like to wish to all of our friends and your families a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

According to Chaomi.cc’s data, from Dec. 23th to 25th, the total sales volume was 26257, and the total sales turnover was ¥13,573,479 CNY (approximately $1,950,212USD).



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