Breaking: just changed hands, was acquired by Sohu Inc. | Chinese Market Daily Report on 01-19-2017

By | January 19, 2017

Domain Name News

Two letter domain name of was acquired by an end-user of Yixia Technology, a company behind of the video app Miaopai and Yizhibo in China. Maybe Yixia acquired for According to news, Yixia announced that they have completed US$500M Series E Funding in Nov.2016.

Domain name of huli means fox in Chinese) was acquired by Sohu,Inc (NASDAQ:SOHU) in December of 2016. It has been used for Sohu’s new project of Huli financial. The price was not disclosed, but it should be a seven-figure CNY price. Congrats to buyer and seller.

One letter domain name was changed hands yesterday. According to other Chinese investor’s word, was acquired by Chinese investor Daiyue, however, it seems the domain doesn’t belong to Daiyue according to the current whois information. was auctioned for ¥151,000 CNY (approximately $21,938 USD). was auctioned for ¥100,000 CNY (approximately $14,528USD). was auctioned for ¥50,000 CNY (approximately $7,264USD), but didn’t meet it’s reserve price.


According to’s data, on Jan 18th, the total sales volume was 6971, and the total sales turnover was ¥4,651,245 CNY (approximately $675,758USD).



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