JD.com acquired domain of jdwl.com for its logistics services | Chinese Market Daily Report on 02-15-2017

By | February 15, 2017


Wmq.com was auctioned for ¥288,888 CNY (approximately $41,989 USD).

Rnn.com was auctioned for ¥305,000 CNY (approximately $44,331 USD).

993.cn was auctioned for ¥190,000CNY (approximately $27,616 USD).

Qiantang.com was auctioned for ¥180,000 CNY (approximately $26,162 USD).

Ges.cn was auctioned for ¥20,500 CNY (approximately $2,979 USD).

Rso.cn was auctioned for ¥15,000 CNY (approximately $2,180 USD).

Wktt.com was sold for ¥20,000 CNY (approximately $2,906 USD) in a BIN sale.

Rbfw.com was sold for ¥9,999 CNY (approximately $1,453 USD) in a BIN sale.

Jkxp.com was sold for ¥9,888 CNY (approximately $1,437 USD) in a BIN sale.


Last November, JD.com announced that they had started to offer its logistics services to other companies. Their website’s main domain name was jd-ex.com in 2016, now it has changed jdwl.com. “WL” is short for Chinese Pinyin “WuLiu”, and “WuLiu” means logistic in Chinese. JD.com acquired domain name jdwl.com in last November. According to the seller, jdwl.com was sold for a middle six-figure CNY price. JD.com started building its own logistics chain in 2007 and now has seven logistics centers and 254 mega inventory warehouses across China.


According to Chaomi.cc’s data, on Feb. 14th, the total sales volume was 6996, the total sales turnover was ¥8,943,680 CNY (approximately $1,299,953 USD).





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