Alibaba Group acquired for its new smart office tool | Chinese Market Daily Report on 02-20-2017

By | February 20, 2017


Alibaba Group acquired domain name of and in last December with unknown price. Recently, the reason why Alibaba acquired was disclosed. Alibaba launched a new smart office tool called “神鲸”, “shenjing” is pinyin for it. “鲸” means whale. was sold for ¥126,000 CNY (approximately $18,313 USD). was sold for a good price via, but they didn’t disclose the sale price. “Depu” is short for texas hold’em poker in Chinese. was sold for ¥41,000 CNY (approximately $5,959 USD), the buyer also bought with ¥18,000 CNY  (approximately $2,616 USD).


According to’s data, from Feb. 17th to 19th, the total sales volume was 21388, and the total sales turnover was ¥18,673,827 CNY (approximately $2,714,219 USD).




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