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Exclusive: Interview with “The King of Pinyin”—Muxing, Who Sold And For Over $2M

This interview was posted on NamePros on 28th Mar., 2016. Muxing(Pinyin of Jupiter), one of Big Four domain investors in China(the other three are Uncle Hang, Leizhu, John Xu), recently sold and for over $2M! The news spread through the entire domaining community, but the post(by Zhangdaguanren) was recently deleted per the request of… Read More »

John Xu – Story Behind 4.CN

John Xu, known as the founder of, his Chinese name is Xu Jun/Xu Caijun. John was born in Wenzhou, a city famous for its success in the business world. Now John lives in Hangzhou, which is one of the most important cities in Chinese domaining industry (the other one is Xiamen). John Xu is not… Read More »